We have restored and preserved old family photos using artificial intelligence.

Stage 1: scanning and digitizing the photo.

Stage 2: digitally repair decay and damage.

Stage 3: add color and bring the photo back to life.

Icarian natives posing with a Greek flag after the Icarian Revolution in Evdilos circa 1912.

The first era: The liberation from the Turks and the establishment of the Kassotis family on the island of Icaria.

Theodoros "Haji" Kassotis, son of Georgios Zisis and his 4th wife, mother of Fr. Michail Kassotis.

Georgios, son of Theodoros "Haji" Kassotis and his wife Ourania Germanou, daughter of Dimitrios Germanos.

Dimitrios, son of Georgios Kassotis and his wife Sofia Lefas, daughter of Philippos Lefas.

The second era: The Kassotis family moves to Athens, Greece while some members immigrate to Australia and the United States.

Philippos, son of Dimitrios Kassotis in his workshop.

The four younger sons of Philippos Kassotis from left to right: Georgios Kassotis II, Antonios Kassotis, Nikolaos Kassotis, Andreas Kassotis circa 1966.

6th generation Kassotis cousins seated from left to right: Irene Kassotis, Iro Kassotis, Anna Ipsarides (wife of Philippos son of Nikolaos), Philippos Kassotis (son of Nikolaos),  Philippos Kassotis (son of Andreas), Argiro Kassotis, Pantelis Kassotis circa 2017.